Strategic Solutions Practice

The Strategic Solutions Practice specializes in helping clients achieve their financial objectives by 1) developing strategic plans and 2) executing tactical plans for projects that will advance toward those goals. Netstar Corporation offers a complete solution that will help lead its clients through the process of devising a strategic plan for business success, creating a tactical plan in support of the strategy and effectively executing the plan.

Did your last IT project help your business attain its financial objectives?

Was it delivered on time, on budget and with the quality you expected?

Strategic Planning: Netstar’s strategic planning service can help clients define their objectives in concrete terms and plot a course that will lead them to achieve those objectives.  The strategic plan delivered by Netstar will include a business plan with estimates for the cost of implementation and the financial return that should be realized from implementing the plan. Tactical Execution: Netstar has developed solutions that will allow each stage of each project to be completed quickly and efficiently to help clients effectively implement their strategic plans. The Netstar solution includes:

  • A proven methodology for delivering projects on time, on budget and with the quality you expect.  Clients are actively engaged in each project to ensure that their needs are met and the project is a success.

  • Project Planning: Detailed requirements analysis and project planning to start the project on a path toward success and provide objective, accurate measurements of its progress.

  • Project Management: Project management as a professional discipline supporting communication with and coordination of team members; project tracking and reporting; scope, cost, schedule, quality and risk management; and oversight of development activities.

  • Technical Leadership: Proven expertise with a wide variety of tool, technologies and techniques.  Netstar has experience with a many different types of development efforts, including creation of Internet products, Intranet applications, shrink-wrapped software packages and systems integration.  Each project is designed to be secure, reliable, scalable, extensible and supportable.

  • Quality Assurance: Professional QA practices are used from the start of each engagement to ensure that each project delivers a solution that functions properly and has all of the features required to function as intended.

  • Training: Training materials and classes are provided to ensure that the client can effectively use the product at the end of the engagement.

  • Documentation: Documentation will be created to support the product as required by the client.

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Clients have the option of retaining the experts that designed and created the product to help support and maintain the product on an ongoing basis.

Industry Expertise: Netstar has experience with a wide variety of industries. This expertise allows the Strategic Solutions Practice to complete engagements faster, cheaper and with a higher level of quality. There will be no need to waste time explaining basic concepts and concerns unique to a particular industry. There will be no need for re-work because the team misunderstood a basic principle or used the wrong approach in solving a problem. The participants involved in each engagement will help identify and avoid problems before they put the engagement in jeopardy. They will contribute their own ideas based on years of experience in the industry to help devise a better solution to the problems that must be addressed during each engagement. Netstar can contribute their expertise to engagements that involve the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Government, Construction and Environmental markets.

Flexible Engagement Arrangements: Clients can opt to engage the Netstar Strategic Solutions Practice in providing end-to-end services from strategic planning through ongoing maintenance and support.  Clients may also choose only those services that complement their own organizational strengths.  Some clients that already have complete strategic plans may only need help with project execution.  Other clients may only need help with planning each project and creating requirements and project plans.  In all cases, Netstar is willing and able to work with clients to ensure that the maximum value is derived from each engagement regardless of the scope of Netstar’s involvement.

Take advantage of Netstar’s experience and expertise.  Avoid the pitfalls that rise up to plague IT projects and lead to their eventual failure.  Delegate your IT solutions development tasks to Netstar, a reliable partner that can help your organization attain its financial objectives through successful strategic planning and tactical execution.

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