Information is critical to your business… Your job is to make sure it’s accessible whenever, wherever it’s needed, and that it is protected and secure. We have always understood that, while the solution building blocks are the same
< servers, storage, network, and software tools > the requirements of each customer are not. The good news is you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Netstar Corporation can help; we have the skills necessary to assemble these building blocks so that all of your crucial IT issues are handled successfully and affordably.

Netstar Corporation has been architecting complex IT infrastructures throughout the Great Lakes region since 1995. Our customers have come to rely on us for comprehensive Server Consolidation and Management, Data Storage and Protection, and Integration and Management solutions.

Using our IT infrastructure design experience, our veteran technical and sales consultants architect IT solutions to help optimize system performance and enhance the business value of your technology investments.

Netstar provides comprehensive Data Storage, Protection, Integration and Management solutions, from design, delivery, and implementation, to full time onsite data management. To request a quotation or for more information please use our Contact Form or call 248-335-5843.

Netstar offers a variety of software products that are easy to use, implement, and feature open standards to ensure cross-platform management and compatibility.

Netstar Corporation provides you convenience and confidence in handing your IT issues. You can select from packaged services or have one of our consultants tailor a services solution that fit your exact requirements.