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We respond to the needs of our clients by offering a flexible approach to development and service contracts. Client arrangements can include fixed price, hourly rates, retainer agreements and maintenance contracts. We will work with you to maximize results within your budget.

Netstar provides technical computing services to a wide range of clients. Customers who have difficult technical problems to solve or lack a specific resident technical skill set, even as a result of a temporary work load requirement, benefit from our talented consultants

Netstar has a wealth of experience in project management, custom software development, network and system engineering and technical consulting. We offer a full range of service expertise for the most challenging software technologies. Best of all we can provide you total integration and customization to meet your needs.

Netstar is committed to providing the types of technical expertise, software and services you need to make your business a success.

Netstar Corporation can provide a cost effective means to provide complete coverage for your critical business system. For more information please use our Contact Form or call (248) 335-5843





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We can provide the team of experienced professionals to manage your projects and develop custom solutions for your distinctive business.
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The Strategic Solutions Practice specializes in helping clients achieve their financial objectives by 1) developing strategic plans 2) executing tactical plans for projects that will advance toward those goals.
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Remote hosting services to meet your production and Disaster Recovery data center needs.

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Experienced engineers to manage, operate and maintain your critical networks and essential computing systems.

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IT service and development professionals to augment and supplement your staff. Professionals to help solve technology issues, architect complex systems, and design business solutions.